UK Trip 2019 – Day 1

A great start to the trip, with everyone arriving at the airport an no passports left at home.

Starting out at San Francisco International Airport, it is a long trip to our final destination of Manchester, England, where we will be arriving late Saturday afternoon.

Undaunted by the long travel, everyone was in great spirits, even fitting in their last American fine cuisine of burgers and fries, before experiencing the literal heart stopping traditional British food of battered sausage and chips. A few confused players with figuring out the climate to be expected, some fine minds quoted as ‘isn’t it winter in the U.K. during our summer?’, and ‘what’s the equator?’… this could be a long week!

Thankfully a smooth flight through to London, where the group now wait for their connection to Manchester. Exhausted bodies strewn across airport benches, as we wait for the light to finally confirm departure as we are teased by the delays to our flight and whether we will make it to the Manchester City vs Spurs game. To keep most players busy though, Premier League kick-offs are the perfect distraction as last minute transfers, and then the checking of important Fantasy League points is keeping everyone buzzed for their first EPL weekend in the U.K.

A packed itinerary is ahead for the week, and the group can’t wait to get immersed in the British soccer culture.

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