Presidents Day, Message of Togetherness

We would like to take this moment to ask that everyone remind their child of the importance of being accepting of all players, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, or anything that could isolate an individual for being different. Occasionally we hear of a young child say something inappropriate to another player, and sadly the individual does not realize the tone or content of what they are saying. Kids can be mean at times without realizing what they are saying, understanding the context, or the affect it can have on the receiver.

Something we love within Fremont YSC, is the diversity of the membership, and cultural melting pot where we can all learn something from each other’s background. Even on staff we have individuals from north America, Central America, Europe, and Asia.

With today being President’s Day, it is a timely reminder of how unity and acceptance of others is so important in life, and for the development of young people as humans. The current Presidential leadership has a lot of hatred, fear, and discrimination. Please help us today to explain to our young players on the importance of being good people, as they are the future.

Soccer should be a place of harmony, enjoyment, and a safe environment where we are all accepted, no matter the level of play, and especially the socio-cultural identity of the player.

We can’t wait to see you all on the fields, where we come one.

Stronger Together.

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