End of Season, Here’s to the 2019/20 Season

We are entering the final week of the 2019/20 season, following a 4 week extension to continue supporting the players and help working parent at home, and to say it has not been like any other season would be incredibly accurate!

We want to thank everyone for sticking with us through this challenging time. We appreciate how difficult it has been for families and players, with so many changes to our daily lives and the risk to our health both physically and mentally. Having everyone stick together through this has enabled us to continue operating as a soccer organization, keep staff in work, and continue to support the youth player’s needs, physically, psychologically, and socially, which are incredibly important structures of a child’s development.

We have also been able to provide support to the families of Fremont YSC, and this year we awarded over $70,000 in financial aid, including an extension through Covid-19 to help support those who were financially affected.

The season had got off to an exceptionally good start, with the first season of our new older structure, with both male and female senior team. Without knowing Covid would end our season early, the seniors have an excellent end to their season with their participation in the San Diego Galaxy Showcase event. To see how the long term development journey see the following video – https://www.fremontyouthsoccer.com/2020/01/long-term-development-its-a-journey-of-growth/

Throughout the season we not only seen development of the players, but also parent and coach education. Additional resources were added to our website to provide parents and players with references to the club’s identity and playing style, and the areas of player development. Check our website front page with the tabs to both the player and parent resources. Our coaching staff also continued in their development, with all coaches participating in coach education throughout the year, and the education event of having Frans Hoek visit the club providing his elite insight to our club’s operations.

While we do find ourselves in a changing landscape, what will not change is our focus and dedication to the players and the families of Fremont YSC. It’s going to look different for many months, but no matter the situation we cannot wait to get the new season started.

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