Instagram Quiz: Attacking Midfielder – pt.2

Each week we will be having Live – “Player Profile Quizzes” on our Instagram account. Throughout the week there will be trivia questions, and on Thursdays we will be having a Quiz based on playing scenarios when “We Have The Ball” or “They Have The Ball”.

This week’s Quiz is on Attacking Midfielder.

  • Player: Attacking Midfielder
  • Scenario: “They Have The Ball” – Ball is with the opponent’s attacking mid in the middle third of the field.
  •  Question: Where should the weak sided Attacking Midfielder position themself?

A: (Option 1) – Towards the player with the ball.

B: (Option 2) – Dropped off to provide balance.

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Trivia Quiz:

Question 1: Kevin De Bruyne started his playing career in England with which club?

A – Manchester City

B – Chelsea

C – Southampton

D – Brighton & Hove Albion



Question 2: This player was named Player of the Year in both 2018 & 2019 in the Portuguese Premeria Liga?

A – Nani

B – Renato Sanchez

C – João Félix

D – Bruno Fernandes



Question 3: Which USWNT player scored in the 2nd minute of the 2018 CONCACAF Championship game?

A – Rose Lavelle

B – Carli Lloyd

C – Mallory Pugh

D – Christen Press


Question 4: Zinédine Zidane has won the UEFA Champions League as both a player and coach.

A – True

B – False


Question 5: Christian Eriksen started his professional playing career at which club?

A – Inter Milan

B – Tottenham Hotspur

C – Ajax

D – AZ Alkmaar



*For Answers to the Trivia Quiz, read past this line.


Q1: B

Q2: D

Q3: A

Q4: A

Q5: C

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