Fantasy EPL 2020/21 Winner – Christian Maine

Congratulations to this seasons winner – Christian Maine

In what was almost an identical repeat of last season, we finally do have our winner. With a comfortable lead going into the final weekend, it should have been over. But Senior’s player Arnav Rao, was having none of it, and played his bench boost on the final day. It was coming down to bonus points, and in the most unlikely of events, it was Arsenal defenders keeping a clean sheet that gave Christian the win. An incredibly strong end to the season for Arnav.

Growing up, Christian was not blessed with athleticism, and struggled greatly with a ball at his feet. That didn’t put him off, he always tried his best, but focused more on his academics and is today a scientist. He really should have put more effort into soccer! A die-hard Liverpool fan, Christian dreams of one day watching Liverpool from the Kop End, and belting out, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. While his athleticism and soccer knowledge lets him down, his academic prowess gives him a huge advantage when it comes to stats. When asked about his success, Christian answered, “Working from home helped me greatly, I’ve focused heavily on FPL while pretending to be on Zoom. I’ve spent most of my time reading up on XG, minutes per action ratios, and dangerous box action, but ultimately clicking select replacement for my transfers.” Congratulations Christian Maine

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