End of Season – Roots Tickets

We are now at the end of the season, with only a small number of games remaining. Send us your end of season pictures, whether team or individual players in action, or any pictures from throughout the season you would like to share.

End of Season Event

This season we are celebrating the end of the season with Oakland Roots. We encourage all players to watch us much live soccer as possible, it supports the love of the game and a visual reference for what can be achieved in the future. Purchase your tickets, for your age group event at the links below.

13’s to 09’shttps://fevo.me/fysc22

08’s to Seniorshttps://offer.fevo.com/22-game-8-vs-orange-county-sc-6jc5jau-86778e7?fevoUri=22-game-8-vs-orange-county-sc-6jc5jau-86778e7%2F

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