Coach Education – Frans Hoek Day 2

October 20th we were incredibly fortunate to have Frans Hoek return to Fremont YSC for further coach education. While all the staff are committed to their further education through licensing, courses, and literature, nothing is better than learning from some of the best in the industry while in the working environment.

The day involved a refresher of the previous material learned from Day 1, covering the importance of global language throughout football, and the underlining principles of what football is.

The day was focused on game analysis, with reference to the process and specifically in relation to the guiding principles of play at the club when designing and delivering the coaching session.

Fremont YSC has a framework of playing principles, through all the age groups to ensure player development is age appropriate, and with a player pathway for individual development.

The 2007 and 2008 boys joined us for the field session to help with group task, and for demonstrating the coaching methodology for reality based learning through game scenarios and in reference to the framework principles. Our philosophy is a commitment to the long term development of the player, and throughout the education process, this always remains our aim and focus.

Frans now heads home to the Netherlands to enter preparations for the World Cup, and we wish him the best at the World Cup in Qatar. We look forward to having Frans return to the club in the new year to continue with coach education, to keep the coaches learning, and to provide the best experience for the players.

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