Covid-19: Effects on Youth Participation, Research and Reports

As we continue further into a time where Covid-19 continues to have a great affect on us and the opportunities for youth players to participate in sports, we are now seeing more reports and research come out. Please see below a report from SportsPath, researched and written by Robin Russell (UEFA Football Development Consultant), and contributed to by Fremont YSC.

Grassroots – Post Covid

Additionally, 10 key points to what we have learned about youth sports during the pandemic from Positive Coaching Alliance –

  1. The pandemic has exacerbated some of the most pernicious trends in kids’ sports, especially related to access and inequality.
  2. Many kids have lost interest in sports altogether, and getting them back will take work.
  3. Among kids who do participate in athletics, they’re competing and practicing a lot less.
  4. It’s not clear if sports are a vector for spreading the virus.
  5. The variation in states’ response to the pandemic has generated turmoil and exposed the absence of governance in youth sports.
  6. Though no state or national body is tracking this data, anecdotal information suggests that many older coaches are retiring from the job rather than taking a chance on their health during a pandemic.
  7. A complete picture of how the pandemic affects kids’ mental health is lacking, as the research so far is mixed.
  8. Disruptions at colleges and universities could trickle down to youth sports.
  9. Some pandemic-induced changes are likely here to stay.
  10. The pandemic has exposed the need for reform in the youth sports ecosystem.

For the full article please see the following link –

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