Week 12 Review

The weeks sessions can be affected by the number of players attending sessions due to the playing group conditions due to Covid, however the majority of teams were able to complete a full weeks cycle of sessions. In the event of the original session plan not being completed, the coaches use the same practice sheet to make sure the appropriate concepts and elements are being addressed .

The following contains information about the weeks practice. This will outline the sessions that have been completed and what the players worked on. We have a player centric, proactive curriculum which ensures the players will cover all the necessary mechanics, skill work, and give players a chance to be decision makers and creative players. Through the long-term development from U8 to U19, the players will pass through different stages and priorities as outlined in the program welcome meeting.

While during practice the players will be given the tools they need, if an individual wants to push on with playing at a higher level and performing to the best of their ability, practicing at home will always give them that extra edge, and we can’t encourage enough for those with passion for the sports to practice in their own time. This also avoids unnecessary over-training of structured practices continuously throughout the week.

Every session is structured to facilitate all four pillars of the players development, and to include challenges, targets, and competition to get players to push themselves further. We are a program that heavily focuses on the players individual development, and not to get caught up in the race for trophies and excessive travel to unnecessary tournaments. If you ever have any questions about the Fremont YSC philosophy, and the proactive curriculum, we are always available to answer.

Fremont YSC Playing Identity – https://www.fremontyouthsoccer.com/playing-identity-of-the-club/

Returned and Active in Play, September 2020

Fremont YSC is back on the fields! We have thoroughly thought out and have planned for a safe and controlled environment. We are now on Week 10 of our 44 Weeks of play. It marks 10 successful weeks of following protocols and guidelines to assure player safety while out on the field. Having players involved in “on field” training sessions, benefits the player’s physical and mental health, as players need an outlet and form of release during the week. Many players are behind a computer screen for hours each day and have zero physical activity during this time.

Protocols we are following each day at training

  • Health Check: Before each session, all players must complete a Health Check questionnaire on the Team Snap App.
  • Reduced Numbers: No more than 10 players are allowed on the field for their team. teams that have more than 10 players registered for on field training, are split into two groups of 10 players and have different start/end times.
  • Social Distancing: Upon arrival to the fields, players are spaced out 6 ft apart from each other, as they wait for their session to start.
  • Temperature Checks and Sanitized Equipment: Once their session starts, players are socially distanced with their coach. The coach then goes by each player to check their temperature, spray down their soccer ball with sanitizing spray and gives a squirt of hand sanitizer if they do not have any of their own.
  • Masks: All players must wear a mask upon entering and exiting the field. Players have the choice to wear their mask during the session, it s not required during, as some players have a harder time breathing with it on while doing physical activity. All coaches must wear their mask for the entire training session.


  • Reduced length of Training Sessions: Each training session right now is 40 minutes long. That is plenty of time for a training session as we have eliminated the small sided games (4v4-7v7) portion that usually takes up 30-40 minutes towards the end of training.
  • Socially Distanced Training Sessions: During the session, players are socially distanced and cannot “defend” each other in a close proximity. If we are doing a session with defenders, the defenders must cut off the passing lane in order to steal the ball. Players must maintain social distancing at all times while in their activity
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