Congratulations, Troy Holcomb, Gallaudet University

A huge congratulations to Troy Holcomb, making the Gallaudet University Soccer team as a Freshman.

Troy has been with Fremont YSC from the very beginning, playing in what is now known as Mini-Megs when only 3 years old. Playing with the 2004 age group, Troy represented Fremont YSC all the way through until graduating from Mission San Jose. Troy displayed incredible dedication and commitment to his soccer throughout such a long playing career at the youth level. Troy’s parents, Michele and Tom were incredibly supportive of Troy, getting him to multiple practices a week, and driving all over the Bay Area and beyond on weekends.

We are incredibly proud of Troy, and a perfect example of the individual dedication that it takes at the youth level, and not the hype and glamour of playing leagues and tournaments.

We wish Troy all the best for his college playing career, but even more importantly his very bright future.

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