UK Trip 2022 – Day 4 – Life Changing History

Day 4 Review – Phoebe, Kobe, Rhium, and Zayden

Starting off day 4, some of us continued to explore new breakfast options that aren’t popular in America, such as Marmite on toast. Afterwards, we boarded the coach and departed for central London. Our tour director Andy kept us entertained with a game of fact or fiction, which included some cool facts such as “the nose of the north facing lion in Trafalgar square is the exact center of London” as well as some disturbing ones like “there are more rats in London than there are people in the US”. While heading to the Underground Churchill War Rooms, our tour group got the opportunity to pass by or glimpse lots of war monuments and significant buildings such as Buckingham Palace, Parliament buildings, and the clock tower housing Big Ben. The popularity and importance of this spot was made evident by the sidewalks crowded with visitors and numerous cameras monitoring the entire area.

We visited Winston Churchill’s war rooms. As we walked in we saw a video about the war rooms. We also saw many rooms such as the kitchen, the map room, the bedrooms, offices, etc. The rooms were very small and claustrophobic, especially the kitchen. The people living there during World War 2 had many jobs like cooking, contacting, and writing. The Churchill museum where they hold all the original furniture and papers of World War 2. As we went in the museum there was whole spot for Winston Churchill . He led his country through  one of the darkest hours in its history, he was a great leader. Collectively, we saw war rooms, maps, and sleeping quarters. The war rooms has a café and gift shop where you can buy souvenirs and eat food. The war rooms were a great experience as we got to see how Winston Churchill and many others survived in World War 2.

After the war rooms Rhium and Zayden mentioned, we continued our tour of central London to the London tower. We entered the old castle which was used to store the queens jewels while simultaneously holding tortured prisoners. The jewels varied from silverware to weapons but each one of them were laced with unimaginable amounts of stones. Overall our day was filled with exploring central London’s century old architecture and monuments which greatly contrasts from Fremont’s modern city.


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