Let the Games Begin, Enjoy

Games Are Coming – https://www.fremontyouthsoccer.com/2019/09/games-are-coming/

This weekend sees the first game of the season for many teams, others will have their first game starting September 8th. Before we get started with the games, just a few reminders from our club meetings so we can all have a great experience.

Respect Officials: there is a shortage of referees greater than ever before. Without referees there is no soccer game on a weekend. Like the players, and the coaches, the referees are going through a learning process, they will make mistakes, so let them embrace their own process, and show them the respect players and coaches expect.

Respect the Players: this is youth soccer, a place for kids to play the sport the love and to be on a journey to improving their soccer ability and overall individual self. Many of our teams have been placed in to higher level leagues to continue to be challenged, rather than have comfortable seasons. Give them the time and space to adjust, improve, and find the solutions to their newest challenge. Remember, it’s about the player and their individual development: https://thecpsu.org.uk/resource-library/2013/my-magic-sports-kit/

For the 09 age group this will be the first time on a full size field. For many players the full size field is  still a huge challenge. Our recent education meetings covered the effects of age. Each individual is different whether chronologically, biologically, or with a different sports age from their experiences within sports.  This video is a great eye opener to how some players are effected due to their stage of age: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9Pc1vf_tlg

Framing the Game

We are all too focused on the outcome of a single game. Player development is a long term, non-linear, and messy journey, filled the moments of the now for coaches to provide support and guidance. ‘Joy sticking’ the player is not coaching, shouting and gesticulating like your Pep or Klopp is not coaching; allowing the players to experience the game, providing support at moments of high challenge and allowing players to be empowered to make mistakes and learn from their experiences is coaching. Having a clear framework in which the players clearly know the objectives of the game, desired objectives, and providing individual feedback, is coaching. The weekend game should be seen as an extension of the practice week, and not a test, or must win outcome. The game is part of the process.

Here is a reminder of where you can find the pre-season meeting information for each stage of development, Presentation and Videos: https://www.fremontyouthsoccer.com/parent-meeting-21-22-season/

Ultimately youth sports is a place where everyone should be able to enjoy the experience. When on the field be mindful of this, support all players and coaches no matter where they are from, be social with other parents, and show great examples of respect and patience towards referees.

Have a great season, we look forward to seeing everyone on the field.

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