Congratulations – Ezekiel Grundler, College Commitment

Congratulations to Ezekiel Grundler on his commitment to Chester University, UK.

Ezekiel will be traveling to England to play and study at University of Chester at their Football Academy.

Ezekiel had been with the 2006 age group throughout his Foundation Phase years, and into his later Development Phase years, moving to Texas in 2021 with his family. Ezekiel has been featured throughout his time at the club on our website and social media for his commitment to training and practicing outside of club events.

Ezekiel’s dedication to training, his intrinsic motivation to be the best he can be while enjoying his love for the game, has seen him excel with his football, and a great example of how much influence the psychosocial pillar has on later year performance.

We are very proud of Ezekiel’s achievements, and enjoy hearing from the family on his development and the families adventures in Texas. We now look forward to hearing all about Ezekiel’s adventures at the University of Chester.

Practicing at Home, Commitment and Dedication – Ezekiel Grundler

Training at Home

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